Welcome to the Infinitum

“He created me to watch over this universe. But where does that leave me? All I do is observe and fix his little inconsistencies. The sad truth is that most people trapped in their spheres will never know I exist.”

~ The Director, Mad

The Master Sphere contains within it, a dozen observable realities with many purportedly predating the Sphere itself. The Sphere is as much a living entity as is its immortal master. It’s primary purpose is managing the imagined possibilities and impossibilities belonging to its own personal universe sphere, The Infinitum. This began as the Creator’s own pet project but overtime the organisational aspect became the responsibility of the Director. The Director and the Creator can personally alter the Infinitum at will while the other divergent realities remain separate but still observable. The unique nature of the Infinitum means any number of timelines can be run at once and accessed through the many unique and varying Material or Immaterial Spheres. And all of it is curated and looked after by the mysterious entity named Mad. To most however, this being is the Director.