Ascension Before the Fall

The year is 1808, archaeologists William Cunnington, Richard Hoare, and Francis Grey alongside others are preparing to enter the Bush Barrow alongside. Inside they discover a find unlike any that has come before. It is not a human skeleton interred inside this mound but a xenos one. And while it is surrounded by artefacts from the bronze age period, there are some that clearly belong to the mysterious skeleton and are not of this Earth.


The Bush Barrow Legacy:

The previous school of the thought was child’s play compared to what came next. The contents of this Barrow and Stonehenge itself would usher in a second enlightenment and set the stage for a great war, space race and the rapid progression of science and technology. It came as no surprise then that it too would invite darkness, corruption and reckless ambition. All of this inevitably leads to the Great Collapse and our demise at the claw of the Morte.



Chapter List