Children of the Entity

There were but seven in all
Children of a shapeless, forgotten form

The doom bringer, life eater
the fate sealer, scorned of heart
Who dance in its living dark

The Lady’s luck, a single coin
the Beast, bearing maw
Fools to this dark war

The Soldier, bears scars
The Doctor, dreams perfection

The Prisoner, lost deliverance

All are destined to fall,
to Light’s gracious sword


In the years since the Bush Barrow revealed the first of many Dominion Spheres, various forces across the Earth set to work seeking them out. While the sphere’s primarily act as a conduit to access the Expanse, they can also be a glimpses into a realm of unimaginable power and horror. At the time of the Degradation, the death of the Nirikiri, Tyrul and his rebirth as Truth led to the Expanse’s mutation beyond its initial perimeters. Aside from creating the Mortan threat, the Sphere’s opened the door for various other horrors to emerge. These stories follow the Entity’s children, each driven by their own goals and motivations, each believing they serve the true cause. But what is that cause? Does a creature of eldritch origin even need one?


The Entity

The “created” God once existed on a severed plane beyond IS-19 but after coming into contact with the Niri Dominion’s Espers it made IS-19 its primary focus and would later taken some interest in IS-19s other races. At the time of the Degradation, the birth of the Mortan symbiotes transformed this nameless god into the Entity.

Children of the Entity:

The children each represent an aspect of the Entity’s power. There have only ever been seven true children and just as many pretenders either fake or led astray by forces unknown.

Lady Luck

Lady Luck’s existence is largely undocumented but her presence signals a turn of fortune, for better or worse.

The Wandering Man

The origins of this man are too mostly speculated. What is known, however, is that he can walk between the fabric of the worlds, touching the various edges of material and immaterial existences. How he came to end up on Earth is unknown, was it a deal with the Entity? or an accident of his own doing. Only he truly knows.

The Life Taker

Also referred to as ‘Dracula’, a general consensus has decided that this being may be behind the inception of Vampires.

Doctor Laech and Nurse Cecilia

Rumoured to be of Austrian descent, Doctor Laech’s miracles are beyond most medicines, but there is always a large cost to pay in order to gain his services.

The Blurred Man

A Soldier that once fought in the Resource War leading up to the Fall Years, he was in possession of a Conduit Sphere, a smaller variant of the Dominion Sphere but still capable of great power. It saved his life many a time until his luck finally turned and he joined the Entity in their own slice of hell.

The Wereman


The Prisoner



Doctor Laech and Nurse Cecilia

The Diabolical Tales of Doctor Laech and Nurse Cecilia: The Great Mortality

Lady Luck

Children of the Entity: Lady Luck

Children of the Entity: Her Coin

The Lifetaker

Children of the Entity: Lifetaker