Short Fiction

What is the Infinitum?

The Infinitum is to put it simply a culmination of all my writing into one single place. It started with the earliest of my writing before the name itself came to be. Back then my aspirations toward writing centred more around campy adventure stories. Stories like the Circle of Life and Cold Blooded Heart provided not only the foundation but templates for future characters. In fact only one of those characters truly remained unchanged and has managed to cement himself even in my more recent stuff. 

As time progressed I moved on to more in depth world building and from that was born the basis of the Infinitum. As to what stories you should expect, the universe itself is full of mad science, demonic magic and all round insanity. The first series I’m working on Mortalis is set on a Earth alternate to ours. One influenced by alien intervention many centuries prior and is still reeling from the consequences of those aliens disappearing. This is an Earth accelerated by alien technology with humans striving ever beyond the mortal existence.

The Children of the Entity originally began as its own thing but I’ve found away for it to fit, taking science fiction and mixing it with old fashioned eldritch horror. I would be lying if I said i didn’t take some inspiration from Lovecraft.

The Chronicles of Sycane takes place inside its own sphere and is pure fantasy and to date represents one of my earliest pieces of writing, back when I regularly did forum roleplays.

My end goal with the Infinitum is to release a set of stories people come back to. To really describe all of it here would be a monumental task. The universe covers many genres from science fiction to romance and back. It’s not just novels that I plan to write either. A lot of characters exist and will feature either here or on the subreddit I made. Either way, there will be something here for everyone I hope. At the end of the day, I just want fiction to be something people can laugh, cry and most importantly enjoy consuming. Whether you enjoy it, is not for me to decide. I might be a perfectionist but I’m not without fault. Either way I hope you stay for a ride.