The Fall Years: Roswell

In 1947, Lazarus, a mega city built on the Moon went dark. Hours later, a UFO is observed by orbiting satellites entering Earth’s atmosphere. As it broke up on entry, much of the ship would crash land in Roswell, New Mexico. On board were the sole surviving crew and a monster born from human science known to all as the Deterrent Morte.

Dramatis Personae

The Dauntless:

The Kaskari once prided themselves as one of the most advanced races to exist. Until the Degradation forced them to abandon their home systems and flee into the dark reaches of space. Following, the detonation of the remaining pieces of the Anathema Network, entire systems went dark. A blot appeared in the chaos of the Aether as entire minds died in a single instant leaving behind only the silence of the void. While the Primor and their Aether equivalents had been destroyed and Truth suppressed. It had come at the cost of the Ascender empire.

A coordinated effort to preserve themselves led to the Arks and the hunt for a new home. In order to determine what lay ahead, scout vessels like the Dauntless were sent on ahead and left beacons in their wake compiling data and information that would assist the Arks navigate safely, avoiding hostile engagements where possible.

The Dauntless arrived in Sol approximately sixty years prior to the Ark fleet and honed in on the Earth, using recent distress transmissions from Lazarus to pin point its location. Arriving close to the Moon, the Dauntless’ crew first attempted to make contact with Lazarus by responding to the distress call. Unfortunately, due to language issues, the crew struggled to grasp the gravity of the issue at hand. It wasn’t until their scouts reached Lazarus did they encounter the Deterrent Morte. A human made variant of the original Primor that had once caused the demise of their own civilisation. Now it’s dark claw reached out into the void. In a dangerous move, the scouts and an assault group attempted their own sterilisation and containment of this threat. However, the humans also proved combative and unresponsive. And attempts to reason with them proved fatal to the Kaskari. As this would indirectly lead to the scout ship being boarded by by both Human and Deterrent belligerents. Attempts to scuttle the ship failed as the three forces fought for control of it. In the end, this would culminate in the Roswell Incident.

Site 51

Also known as Groom Lake or Area 51. This alien research site was uncovered not long after the one found at Stonehenge. Once occupied by a Clockwork Taskforce during the American Civil Wars, control changed hands to the later American government. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the Grey Watch were once more given access to the Site to aid in the research that was already in progress. 

Vadir Kor, Dauntless Engineer

Vadir Kor is a mere engineer aboard the Dauntless as it falls to the combined pressures of human and Morte interference. In a act of self preservation, he escapes the ship moments before it crashes in Roswell. His own drop ship later crashes close by and is recovered by the American forces on the ground.

The Welcome Wagon, Site 51 Taskforce

The Welcome Wagon are specialist group of soldiers with training in prototype and advanced alien weaponry. They are one of a few taskforces built around securing or dealing with alien threats. Before Roswell they had some involvement in Black Operations often supporting the similarly goal orientated Clockwork Taskforce in securing various alien sites dotted across the Earth.

Chapter List

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Chapter 1: SURVIVOR